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Kinky Canadian Male

Just a horny and kinky Canadian man's blog.

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A compilation of on of my favorite visual guide series.

What's you favorite position?

Love the "Ready to Please" pose

Filling all her holes at once

Little Caprice locked in Chastity Bra and Chastity Belt 

How am I going to get out of this?

If you take it away, they realize just how much they want it

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My my what a good girl recognizing that when she is honest she gets rewarded

Your fat ass isn't just for fucking, you disgusting pig. Next time ill plug you and you can carry my piss baby around in your stomach all day.

For now, lap up your mess while I fuck my cum into your ass.

Any volunteers to see how long they can last bloated with my piss?

Now lick it off my fucking floor and get the fuck out of my house 

What a good slut

Tied open...ready for use... see full amature video here