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Princess Plugs

All plugs come with a wide base.  This is to prevent the entire plug going inside you.  This is important, unless of course you enjoy trips to A&E to have objects surgically removed for your rectum!

There are two basic shapes, and it is important for you to understand the difference, particularly if you intend to wear your plug for extended periods.

The first is this:-

It is longer, and has a narrow plug and a wider shaft at the bottom, and is designed primarily for stretching the opening to your anus to make anal penetration easier.  This type of plug should not be worn for long periods, as it will permanently stretch the opening of your anus, which could eventually affect your ability to maintain bowel movements.

This second basic shape it this

This has a narrow shaft at the base and a wider plug. This is not designed to stretch the opening of your anus, which means this is a better shape if you are intending to wear it for extended periods. The plug, being wider, means that your anus will feel “full”.  

Extended wearing of this type will mean you will become accustomed to this full feeling.  Over time this feeling will become normal to the point when you are not wearing your plug it will feel strange, and you will want to feel full again.  Or, in other words you will crave cock in your arse like a good fucktoy should.  

So, not only will it turn you into a cock craving anal fucktoy, but you will look insanely cute and pretty wearing a jewelled princess plug. And what fucktoy doesn’t want to be a pretty anal princess for her man/men?


If you are intending to wear it for extended periods there is one things you need to bear in mind.  The anal passage is not self-lubricating like the vagina.  You will therefore need to remove the plug periodically to re-lube it (approx every 2 hours or so, but trial and error will help you understand if this needs to be adjusted).  If you allow your plug to dry out, it will not only become painful to remove but it may even tear the inside of your anal passage.  They say the three most important things when buying house are location, location, location.  With Princess Plugs plugs the three most important things are lube, lube and lube.

Also, for extended wear you will one with a t-bar base, like the one below (rather than one with a round base) more comfortable, and if you go for silicone it has a flexible neck which flexes as you move, which improves the comfort considerably.

It can be a good idea to carry a small zip-lock bag.  This will provide a hygienic place to store your plug should it become uncomfortable and need to be removed.  Also, in this you can carry your lube (which will also protect your other belongings should the lube split as a purse/bag full of lube is not going to be anyone’s idea of fun).

The final point to remember is that nobody knows your body better than you, so don’t let people tell you that “you must wear it for x,y,z amount of time”.  Listen to your body, if it’s uncomfortable, take a break.

Once you have been wearing your plug for extended periods, and having it in has started to feel normal, you are ready to move onto the next stage.

As mentioned above you need to remove your plug regularly to reapply lube  and this is where you progress to the next stage.   Before you reinsert your plug take a toy/vibe/hairbrush handle (whatever you have to hand that is convenient) and spend approximately five minutes fucking your ass nice and deeply.      

The one downside to anal sex is that it can be on some occasions a little messy. If you are planning anal sex in advance this can be avoided with the use of an enema. However what we are trying to achieve is to have you in a state where you can be anal mounted at anytime without or without warning.  

Toying your ass for five minutes every couple of hours will help clean up any unwanted material for your anal passage (so it’s a good idea as well as carrying your lube with you to also carry some wet wipes to clean your toy after.)

Do not forget of course that even with all these precautions you are never going to be 100% clean 100% of the time.  So if surprise anal does take place, and there  is a little unwanted mess, your wet wipes are at hand for him to stop and take care of it. This will happen, it is not your fault, nor is it anything to be embarrassed about, and a good Dom knows and accepts this.

So all of this wearing plugs so that “feeling full” becomes normal, stopping every couple of hours to re-apply lube, toying your ass is all a lot of work.  And what is it for.

It’s for this.   

The joy of being taken anytime he wants, any place he wants anyhow he wants, without warning.

Having your man stop you doing what you’re doing, chores, watching TV, getting ready to go out, whatever it is your are doing, just having him stop you

lifting your dress

bending you over 

removing your plug

replacing it with his hard cock 

and mounting you right there and right then.

The feeling of his power, controlling you, using you, exerting his dominance over you, reminding you of what you are and what you are for.  That raw animistic power that you can only feel when he takes what is his.

Don’t forget as well that as you always have lube at hand to reapply to your plug, it will therefore always be on hand for him to apply during sex. 

One final note
It is worth pointing out that you will remember one of the very first lessons you learnt when training to become a fucktoy was to not wear panties. This isn’t because your man thinks it’s fun, it isn’t just something that is done for no reason.  It serves two important purposes.  The first is of course to remind you constantly of what you are.  Walking around without the feeling of panties feels strange and therefore reminds you that you are a fucktoy.  

The second reason relates directly to the above. The reason a fucktoy should never have a barrier between her fuckholes and men, is to make it easier for men to mount you whenever the mood takes them.

So even though you have now advanced your training to princess plugs and making your ass always available for use, never forget your basics lessons.  

Everything is relevant and everything is done for a reason.  You may not know what that reason is at first, but eventually it will all become clear.

Little Caprice locked in Chastity Bra and Chastity Belt 

How am I going to get out of this?

If you take it away, they realize just how much they want it

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